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Andrew Koris

Andrew Koris

Position: Partner

Andrew Koris’ journey in the world of finance was shaped by a profound family experience, instilling in him the resilience and determination that would eventually guide his path as a financial advisor. After his father suffered a debilitating stroke during Andrew’s high school years, he assumed the immense responsibility of not only managing his own finances but also overseeing his family’s financial well-being.  This challenge was amplified by the intricacies of his family’s financial landscape, given his father’s prominent career as a hand surgeon in the Boston, Massachusetts medical community.

Andrew pursued an economics major at Trinity College and moved to New York City after graduation to work at Morgan Stanley, joining the renowned Excelsior Wealth Management team, which he had previously interned with during college. Despite having moved away, Andrew was able to successfully manage his family’s finances remotely, a feat he achieved through the adept use of technology and unwavering dedication.

The initial years of his career were dedicated to mastering the theory and technology of financial planning, an invaluable foundation for aspiring young advisors. During his time with Morgan Stanley, Andrew had the privilege of interacting with hundreds of UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) families across the country, each with unique financial circumstances. He was particularly drawn to Morgan Stanley’s commitment to maintaining their practice through specific processes and principles.

Andrew identified opportunities for improvement through better organization and the integration of current technology. He adopted these organizational principles, which he considers as lifelong guidelines for living a more organized life. This organizational approach is reflected in his client process, wherein he prioritizes understanding each client’s individual and familial circumstances to create a long-term financial plan that informs his advice and the nature of the client advisor relationship. Regular quarterly calls serve as a critical means of maintaining open communication and ensuring alignment with the long-term financial plan.

As he progressed in his career, Andrew honed his expertise in alternative investments, which he views as essential components of many portfolios, particularly in a world where traditional asset management faces unique challenges. These alternative investments include merger arbitrage, distressed credit, hedged equity, and private equity.

Following his tenure at Morgan Stanley, Andrew was recruited to Oppenheimer, where he focused on enhancing efficiency and implementing long-term processes, ultimately leading to substantial growth in assets under management (AUM), from approximately $200 million to over $2 billion. Andrew’s clientele spans the country and predominantly consists of technology executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, and business owners. One of his greatest joys as an advisor is delving into the unique journeys of each client and harnessing that knowledge to assist others facing similar situations. He values deep and personal relationships with his clients, making an effort to meet them in person, whether near or far.

At Periscope, Andrew’s primary responsibility is to contribute to the practice’s growth. He also takes charge of implementing tested processes and procedures to enhance business efficiency. Furthermore, he eagerly embraces new technological advancements to facilitate business operations.

Andrew’s unwavering dedication to his clients is a cornerstone of his practice. He provides each client with his direct line and encourages them to reach out for any needs or concerns, regardless of their significance. For him, the client-advisor relationship is a pivotal aspect of his career that he cherishes, and he is committed to delivering a tailored experience, eschewing the one-size-fits-all approach that has become increasingly common in the industry. Andrew is determined to create individualized relationships that empower clients to lead easier and more prosperous lives.

Andrew currently lives in the West Village of New York City with his fiancée, Shayla, and their puppy, Poppy. He’s remained dedicated to his alma mater and is the president of Trinity College’s alumni network in New York City.